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My favourite part in Season 7, episode 23 of the Walton's
From 42:14 to 46:20.
There is something within us that tells us all we will ever know about ourselves. There is a destiny that tells us where we will be born, where we will live and where we will die. Some men are drawn to oceans, they cannot breath unless the air is scented with a salty mist. Others are drawn to land that is flat and the air is sullen. My people were drawn to mountains, they came when the country was young and they settled in the upland country of Virginia that is still mistered with a haze of blue, which gives those mountains their name. They endured and they prevailed through flood and famine, diphtheria and scarlet fever. Through drought and forest fire, whopping cough and loneliness. Through Indian wars, a civil war, a world war and through the Great Depression. They endured and they prevailed. In my time I have come to know them. Grandpa, in memory I touch your face in distance from me, now I feel you near. The coyote will disappear from the earth, and the whopping crane will follow the passenger pigeon, but you will endure through all of time. Grandma, I touch your hand and when I do I touch the past. I touch all the small ships that brought us to this country and all the strong brave women who faced a frontier and made it home. Strength and love came together here, so not the same they did not seem a pair, bound together they were so much one. All I ever want is what they've had so long and lived so well. (about Olivia and John) ~ A brother with an alien name, the ancient Jason went searching for the Golden Fleece. Our Jason makes voyages everyday and never leaves the mountain. (about Jason) ~ A first baseman grown to wife and mother, soft and stronger as she grew. (about Mary Ellen) ~ A temper always at the ready, hides the best of him but I know my brother is my friend. (about Ben) ~ A pretty girl deepens into beauty and patient for time to pass and bring her love. (about Erin) ~ His head most often in the clouds causes the rest of him to stumble but seldom really fall. (about Jim Bob) ~ The little sister full of wonder and far enough behind to be a joy. (about Elizabeth). And closest family were our neighbors, linked to us in tie as strong as blood. (about Ike and Corabeth Godsey) ~ Gentility and graciousness loved there too. The past flowing into the present, the present blending with yesterday. (about the Baldwin sisters). ---> I have walked the land in the footsteps of all my fathers, back in time where the first one trod and stopped, saw sky, felt wind, bent to touch Mother Earth, and called this home. This mountain, this pine and hemlock, oak and poppler, laurel wild and road of Denvern. Home and mountain, father and mother, grow to the sons and daughters to walk the old paths, to look back in pride, in honored heritage. To hear its laughter and it's song, to grow to stand and be themselves, one day remembered. I have walked the land in the footsteps of all my fathers I saw yesterday and now look to tomorrow.

My wishes for 2010/2011 !!! :D

Wish #1:
I have lots of wishes for 2010/2011 but my biggest wish and the first one I would like to come true is to meet NKOTB....when that wish comes true I will be the happiest person in the world! I want to meet them all, give a hug to Jon & Jordan...if not Jordan then Joey, and to have first, second, third, or fourth row seats at the concert for 5 star!!!!

Wish #2:
To get really good grades in school so that I can get my high school diploma and once I get that I can go to the career center here where I live and take Journalism OR something else if there is anything more interesting.

Wish #3:
To have a REALLY AWESOME 18th birthday this year on May 7th....which falls on a Friday..woo hoo!!!

I'll be loving them FOREVER! <3

NKOTB. What can I say about these 5 men from Boston? Definitely nothing bad at all! They are a GREAT band with AWESOME old school and new music. I remember hearing them years ago probably when I was about 2 or 3 years old but didn't buy their cassettes, comic books, blankets, pillow cases, dolls, t-shirts, ect... The first 2 songs I ever heard by them was "I'll be loving you forever" AND "Step by step". Just about 4 years ago my step mother had me listen to their music, we watched youtube videos of them, and we looked at pictures of them online, and my gosh did I ever love how cute and sweet looking they were as kids and how sexy they were now as men...that is when my love for them began to grow strong! I started researching them on to read ALL about them and by the end of the day I was having a New Kids On The Block overload and all I could think about that night while I lay in bed was: "Alright, out with the Backstreet Boys and in with NKOTB...THEY ARE JUST TO AWESOME" LOL :D Then a girl I met somewhere on the Internet...I don't remember where...named Tamz (Ddubs_Ky_Monkey) told me all about twitter and how you could follow Donnie on there, so I quickly made a twitter account, clicked follow on Donnie's profile and checked all his messages everyday....and then as each of the others came on I started following them as well. I became addicted to twitter and also added other ladies who are nkotb fans as well, but the first one I was following was Tamz.....I thank her for telling me about twitter because if she wouldn't have then I wouldn't be waking up and going to sleep with all their tweets in my head....... Donnie's inspiring and loving tweets, Jon's funny tweets, Joey's sweet words to us, Danny's helpful and motivational health tips, and Jordan's tweets that sometimes tease us...others make us laugh, and others just make us so excited. Although I still like the Backstreet Boys because they were my very first boy band love, my love for NKOTB will always be stronger and I really think this is one band my liking for is going to last WAY longer then any other. I just can't wait to receive the coming home dvd, for the new tour to start, and to see them again here in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. :) <3

Lady dressed as Marie Antoinette
Pretty lady dressed as Marie Antoinette
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Marie-Antoinette, The Last Queen of France.
"LET THEM EAT CAKE!" is something Marie-Antoinette is very well known for saying when her Political advisor, Count Mercy, told her that the people of France were starving. But she never did say that, because Marie-Antoinette knew nothing about the way the French people lived. She only knew of the one place she was her whole life, which was Versailles. The way the people lived there is the way she thought everyone lived outside of the palace gates, but obviously she was wrong.

Historians have proven that she never spoke those words, at least not about the French people...she may have for other reasons unknown. Those were just words everyone at Versailles put against her for saying to make her sound even worse then she already was sounding by the time her third child (her second son), Louis-Charles, was born.

I really do think that it was a good thing that the French revolution happened, but if she would have been put in prison, but not executed....then it would have scared her so much that it would have taught her a lesson and she would have changed her ways and she would have become a better ruler.

Writer's Block: The play's the thing
What scene from a movie, book, or play would you most want to recreate in real life? Who would you play? Who would you cast in the other roles?

I would want to recreat the scene's in the 2006 film of Marie Antoinette when she is at the Petite Trianon with her friends. I find that the life and events that happened only at the Petite Trianon were simple, beautiful, and I love the wild life and how beautiful the place was.

Writer's Block: Twilight becomes you
Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

It was so much better them Twilight!! The movie actually went along nicely in order with the events in the book....I can't wait to see Eclipse, it comes out in June of 2010!!

Writer's Block: Tinsel town
Do you put up decorations for the holidays? If so, when do the decorations go up and when do you take them down?

I do put up decorations for the holidays. Usually lights outside and a very nice artficial white chirstmas tree inside....each year we do a different color theme on the white tree as well as add some traditional ornaments. We usually put them up on the first of December and take them down on the last day of December, so they are up for a month.

Writer's Block: Name that tune
Is there any song you'll never grow tired of hearing? If so, what is it, how long have you loved it, and why?

I will never grow tired of hearing a lot of songs I have liked since I was young because they are classics and songs will be later on in the years to come. But I guess to pick one I would say the song WHAT A FEELING by: Irene Cara.

Me speaking As if I was Marie Antoinette - 1755 to 1793 - (The last Queen of France).

From the Hofburg house in Vienna Austria as the Archduchess TO the royal palace of Versailles in France as the Dauphine/Queen of France is where I lived. When I was only 14 years of age, a very tender age to be thrust into so many responsibilities, I married Louis Aguste, Dauphin of France. He was only 15 and a very shy young man at that. He had his hobbies and one was hunting, that is what he was off doing with his two brothers and friends of his most of the time when he was not busy at Versailles with some other important matter of the court. As a teenger living at Versailles all I wanted to do was ignore the words of the courtiers and have fun!!! In 1774 when I was 18 a women by the name of Yolande Martine Gabrielle, Duchesse de Polignac, came to live at Versailles with her three children and she quickly became a very good and my most favorite friend. She was a beautiful,free spirited,charismatic, and charming, women who was 23 at the time. Everyone took favor in me and adored me because of my youth,innocence,and beauty, but my mother always warned me that they will not always think so highly of me and my beauty,youth, and innocence would not save me soon enough from gossip at the court of Versailles. Of course being young I ignored my mothers words and those of my royal adviser, Count Mercy who was the Austrian Ambassador. After I bore my first child whom I named Marie-Therese Charlotte, Louis ordered builders at Versailles to turn an old summer cottage in Versailles into what he called the Petite Trianon. It was to be my escape & private home away from courtiers and the palace customs it's self. I tremendously enjoyed being there with my friends and a secret friend of mine, Count Axel fersen of the Swedish army....not only was he a secret friend of mine but also a very secret lover...he was tall,mysterious,and the most handsome man I had ever met.

I shall not write any further of my life to be, but all I am leaving you with is what you see.


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